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Smartest way to find your next shop

Use Market Potential Analysis to find the best shops
Choose from 1000+ shops in 200+ markets in the city

We use location data to find the potential of a shop

Our AI analyzes factors that matter and recommends shops personalised for your business
AI suggesting the best shop using location data such as customer demographics, rentals, footfalls, population in catchment area

Confused between two similar locations?

Compare locations side-by-side and find why one location is better than the other (for your business)
A mobile app comparing two locations on location score and ratings of each location intelligence factor for both the locations

Largest collection of available shops

We are the only portal to cover the entire market and give details of all available shops on your fingertips
Markets in Gurgaon


Available Shops


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Are you still using the old ways?

Reduce your risk. Reduce your effort.


Deal with multiple brokers
Limited inventory of  shops
Risky - as decision based on gut feeling
Time taken - several weeks
Confusing & Stressful Experience
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Deal with one team for one city
100% inventory of available shops
Deep data research based shop selection
Time taken - less than a week
Confident & Trustworthy Experience
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